I’d die without you Friday…Winter Olympics

20 Feb

Can this post be about the Winter Olympics?  Because seriously other than talking obsessively about my new couch (which I could do) there hasn’t been much going on this week.  Because my eyeballs have been glued to the television when they aren’t watching a little cutie pie.

Anyway, Holden naps on my lap.  Snug on my lap in his little Boppy (thanks Sarah!). We have tried..and failed for many months napping anywhere else. Finally somewhere around month 3 I gave up and realized that I am just going to have to sit and let him nap. It’s not sooo bad to be forced to sit for a few hours. Luckily we have TV and I have a laptop. I catch up on all my blogs, email and Facebook. I have found if I only use the internet then (and when he goes to sleep) it goes by much faster. But back to my point..this week Holden has been extra tired taking at least 2 naps a day that last 1 and a half to 2 hours. That’s a lot of sitting…luckily I have my new couch. And luckily the Olympics are on. And as I have previously admitted I am a little bit obsessed with the Olympics. But today I reached a new low. I watched women’s curling for over an hour. (I’ll shamefully admit that the only reason I actually know what curling is…is because Jillian took some guys on a curling date on the last season of The Bachelorette). I fancy myself smart. I have a masters degree for Pete’s sake. However, I watched curling for 60 grueling minutes and I did not understand a thing that they were doing. From what I could tell..this one lady slides this huge rock thingy towards a bullseye while these other girls sweep the ice in front of it (that part I got..I am assuming this makes it go faster) then they would try to hit this bullseye thingy while a girl from the other team would do the sweepy thing again but this time trying to make it stop. But sometimes they wouldn’t do the sweepy thing and they would just let the rock thingy go. Thrilling yes? Not really. After an hour the score was 1-1. I have no idea how they scored..or why after an hour and about one million throws of the rock thing it was only 1-1. Also, the commentators were real odd. They got so excited about the rock thingy and they kept talking strategy. And the female commentator kept talking about how curling was such a good workout. That part blew my mind.

But other than that I’ve been curling (haha) up nightly on my new chair (haha again) watching the Olympics and I love it. I’ve also decided that every man on earth should wear feathered leotards ala Evan Lysacek.

Doesn’t he look happy?


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