Janice explains curling…

21 Feb

My Canada friend Janice took some time yesterday to explain curling to me..
Well, curling is super popular here. Every community has a curling rink and leagues. Kids start to play in school – much like you’d play baseball. It’s played on a sheet of ice, (duh) with 4 people on a team. The “Skip” is the captain and usually throws last, but that’s not a rule. Each person on the team throws a rock, while the other three “guide” it (without touching it) and “sweep” the ice – sweeping the ice helps to clean it so that the rock can glide more smoothly.Basically it’s like lawn bowling or shuffleboard on ice and “throwing’ (ie. sliding) rocks instead of a ball. You try to get your rocks (and they are HEAVY – solid granite) closest to the “button” in “the house”. The “bull’s eye” at the end of the sheet of ice is called “the house” and the middle of the bull’s eye is called “the button”. Naturally, in the process you try to knock your opponent’s rocks out, while getting yours closer to the button. It takes a tremendous amount of skill. You have to have good hand/eye co-ordination and learn just how hard to sweep and when to leave it. There are “inside” and “outside” shots which relates to which way you twist your wrist when you release the rock. In amateur curling there are 8 “ends” (like innings) and of course the aim is to get the most rocks closest to the button (or eye) of the “House”. The “hammer” is the last rock thrown in an end. Of course, having the hammer, is an advantage. Teams take turns having the hammer. At the end of the “end” the rocks are counted and the team with the rocks closest to the “eye” wins the end. Each rock counts for one point. In professional play there are 10 ends – and the one that wins the most points (rocks closest to the “eye”) wins the match. Does that make any sense? I should have my sister try and explain. She’s obsessive about curling – won’t even talk to you when there’s a match on.

If you’re like me you probably stopped reading out of sheer boredom around sentence three.
No reflection on Janice though, she’s a pretty cool chick. Apparently she played on her church league. Which lead me to the bigger question..do churches have ice rinks in Canada?
Apparently some of the bigger ones do!

image credit

I am down with any kind of sport where you can still wear your jewelries.


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