25 Feb

So no McFatty Monday post this week because I was out of town for a few days visiting my mom and dad…which means I did bad bad things.  Like eat ice cream..that had chocolate covered pretzels in it.  Seriously, why didn’t someone think of that award winning combo sooner?

Anyway.  Reason number 239304303 I wish my mom lived close by.

I’ll set the scene..Holden is sitting in my lap, very unhappy (as he has been for weeks).  He’s chomping on his hands, his lower lip, screaming randomly, crying, drooling a small paddling pool on his onesie.

Me:  “I just don’t know what’s wrong!  He’s miserable!  If he’s not screaming he’s eating and biting me!  He even hates the bathtub! (If you forgot my child loves his bathtub.)

Mom: Um, Christen.  He’s teething.

Oh.  That makes sense.


One Response to “Oh..duh.”


  1. McFatty Monday.. « - April 5, 2010

    […] I wasn’t as fanatical about my diet last week since we were visiting my parents (and they have ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels in it remember?  Plus Easter and all the southern fried goodness that the holiday entails). […]

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