1 Mar

It’s a sad day for me.  It’s time to pack up my sequined leotard and my tiny American flag until 2012.

Needless to say the Olympics are over.  Now I can go back to my normal life that involves sleeping at night and cleaning up my house instead of watching hours sports like cross country skiing and curling.  I’m sad about it though.  Sadder than I normally am about a televised sporting event (which, I am like, never sad about).  Perhaps, it’s because I’ll miss the time spent cuddling with Holden napping on my lap during the day or snuggling up to Dave at night to watch Apolo Anton Ohno (Oh Yes!) go round and round on his big scary skates.  That could be it, but it’s probably not.  Because there will be more times cuddling with Holden while he naps on my lap (tomorrow..two, maybe three times no less!) and I am sure Dave and I will watch television again.  No, I am sad because the Olympics are over and now it’s March, and March brings in a whole bundle of emotions that I am not ready to feel (or even talk about) just yet.

My comfortable little life is hanging in the balance and in five months I could be just fine or most of my world could come crashing down around me.  I’ve been denying it, or pushing it, to the back of my mind for so long.  In one way it’s a happy occasion.  The end means happiness, relief, satisfaction and a new beginning for someone I love more than anything (Dave).  All of these things make my heart almost burst with happiness.  It also means a world of uncertainty and that’s not something I’m ready to face.

This is a little cryptic I know, but like I’s not something I’m really ready to admit just yet.

For now I’ll just look forward to 2012.

3 Responses to “Closure”

  1. Sarah March 1, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    you are not allowed to leave posts like that anymore. What is going on? are you pregnant? 5 months? what does that mean? Is everything okay????

  2. christastic March 1, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    Hahaha no way!! I’m not pregnant, sick or dying I promise! Just major life changes ahead.


  1. Dear interwebs, « - March 18, 2010

    […] I believe in karma and jinxing myself way too much to say why but let’s just say it will make this a non-issue & Christen won’t have to loose her […]

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