Redeux, McFatty Monday

1 Mar

I’ll admit, I have taken a dieting break.  I lost my motivation combined with a visit to my parents and a teething (miserable) four-month old I have been to busy and too tired to even think about Jillian Michael’s and her devilish walking push-ups.

I’m making the effort to do better this week.  The good news about my hiatus is I haven’t technically gained any weight.  The bad news I (obviously) haven’t lost any either.  My goals for this week, snack less!  Going to the grocery store always involves extra snacks and I have been snacking it up lately!  Also, I want to try to work out five times this week.  Although I might mute the television because if I have to hear Jillian Michael’s yelling at me through the t.v. not to “phone it in” I might die.

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