I’d die without you Friday, even though it’s Saturday…Hulu.com!

6 Mar

We canceled DirectTV.  Yes, Christen ICan’tLiveWithoutSoapNetandmyPrimeTimeShows canceled DirectTv, and it was basically my idea.

Why Christen, why if you love television so much that it sometimes defines you would you cancel it, you ask?  Well..a few reasons.  The first..DirectTV is expensive.  Six months ago we were going to switch to DishNetwork when we found out it was $60.00 a month cheaper..yes..$60.00 a month.  We called with every intention of playing hardball with them and we won.  We got our bill knocked down, got free movie channels & we got our DVR free for a year.  Woohoo.  Our six months was up with this last billing statement AND we got a notice that our rates were going to go up to the original price ($60.00 more than DishNetwork remember?) PLUS a few more dollars.  Oh no they didn’t.

Then, we found out that after 2 years our DVR never worked correctly.  Apparently, you can watch one show while you DVR another.  We were never able to do this, and we thought it was just the way Dtv worked.  Nope, turns out the installer dude just hooked it up wrong.  Who is a bigger moron here?  The guy who hooked it up wrong or the morons (that’d be us) that lived with it for two years?   Needless to say, this made my husband mad.

And last, we (both..but mostly me) were beginning to feel like all we did was watch TV.  Our nights were mapped out..dinner during The Office, after Jeopardy was bathtime..play with Holden in between.  Shouldn’t it be the opposite of that?

So we canceled it.  I must say Dave could care less.  He watches football and Lost and that’s it.  Since football season is over and Lost is on a free channel he was all for it.  I took some convincing (but it was my idea remember?  I had some very interesting debates with myself, usually out loud for everyone to hear).

Fast forward to yesterday, a little more than twenty-four hours into our “no t.v. no problem” experiment of 2010.  I was sitting on the couch feeding Holden bored out of my ever-loving mind and I rediscovered hulu.com.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy, and Greek and episodes of Make It or Break It (yes..I watch that show..yes..I am twelve).  I was in television heaven..and it was free!!  (bonus!)  I love my shows, and it makes me happy that I’ll get to keep up with them on my own terms (because let’s face it, I never actually watched shows when they were live because I hated the commercials).  We won’t be TVless forever, but in the mean time this will keep me from throwing myself out of the window.


2 Responses to “I’d die without you Friday, even though it’s Saturday…Hulu.com!”

  1. Kelly Jo @ Typing One Handed March 8, 2010 at 4:30 am #

    I fell in love with your blog the moment I saw the title and tagline featured on Top Mommy blogs! Please don’t tell me you’re ex Alpha Phi or I might think you’re my long lost lost twin!!!
    Wow, I admire you for cutting direct TV. I also watch FAR too much, but just can’t bring myself to literally cut the cord.
    Great to meet you, and I look forward to reading more!

    • christastic March 8, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

      I’m a Kappa Delta..so I guess we aren’t twins…I always wanted to find out I had a long lost twin so that would have been awesome. But hi!! And thanks for reading!

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