McFatty Monday Week, oh crap..I don’t even know.

8 Mar

It’s amazing I’m still posting McFatty Monday posts when I haven’t actually been DOING anything worth blogging about.  (Fitness wise you know).  I weighed myself today..because I felt skinny..and ironically I weighed one pound less than my lowest weight during my Let’sgocrazyandworkouteverydaytoJillianMichaels moment.  Apparently a diet consisting of nothing but Girl Scout cookies and ice cream works.  (Not really).

But..let us segue to a blog about Girl Scout cookies since I brought it up.  I was a girl scout..I mean..who wasn’t?  I donned my little brown vest and silly hat every Wednesday in Elementary School.  I had the brown skirt, the orange knee socks and I wore it with pride.  Troup 1181 thankyouverymuch.  I was an overachiever early in life and my life was consumed by earning merit badges and reciting the Girl Scout Promise in two languages.  (And..if you had asked me back in the day what two languages I knew I would have told you..American and Pig Latin..duh).  Once class picture day fell on a Wednesday and I insisted on wearing my uniform.  What would Juliette Gordon Low think if I didn’t??!?  I remember none of my other fellow Brownies wore their uniforms and I mocked them in my head and deemed myself the Ultimate Brownie because I was far more dedicated than any of my troop mates.  It’s a wonder I had any friends.

But..the best part about being a Girl Scout?  The cookies.  I would sell my cookies like nobodies business.  My mom was a teacher and I would have her leave the order form in the teacher’s lounge and when I went to pick it up at the end of the day it would be full.  (I was never a door-to-door kind of gal..this must be while I prefer e-mail over the phone…hm.)  So, needless to say I became a fan of EATING Girl Scout cookies around this same time.  I only ate Thin Mints.  I actually can’t even tell you if I ever tried any other kind.  For nearly twenty years I was “I’ll have a box of Thin Mints and Thin Mints only please” kind of girl.  I turned up my nose at Samoas and Tag-a-longs.  And if anyone ever dared EAT my Thin Mints I went six kinds of crazy which included a screaming fit, kicking and a mental breakdown.  Thin Mints were sacred.  Dare I say, Thin Mints were kind of like Jesus.

Until this year.

We have a little girl scout who comes to my work every Thursday.  I knew she was a girl scout long before cookie time because she wears her uniform every time I see her.  (Good girl..although I must gripe because now they only seem to wear the vest..where are the knee socks, the silly white and orange shirt with the silly tie and of course that ridiculous hat? JGL is rolling over in her grave.)  A few weeks ago she came in with the cookie order sheet.  I ordered some Thin Mints from her and proceeded to harass her every Thursday for the next three weeks.  I harassed her Dad once as well..but that was totally innocent.  I was contemplating driving up and down her street forty times a night ( but fortunately I didn’t have her address.

When she delivered my cookies I noticed she had a box of cookies I had never seen before.  They were called Thanks-a-Lot.  They were shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate.  Hello!  Shortbread cookies are my FAVORITE cookies on the earth, and if you’ve been reading for a while you know that I can get down with anything dipped in chocolate.  I bought one from her for curiosity’s sake.  Later that night I tried them and then I died.  Of sheer Girl Scout Cookie happiness.  They were so amazing.  Hard and chocolatey without milk, gooey and yummy dipped in it.  (Let’s face it, Thin Mints are not really good “dunking” cookies because the middle doesn’t get all moist unless you nibble off all the sides and drop it in the milk for a good long time.  Yes, I’ve perfected this.)  Oh my heavens, I have died and gone to cookie heaven.   And um, bonus!  They are educational too!  They say “thank you” on each cookie in four different languages.  (Not Pig Latin though…bummer).

I’m not over my love of Thin Mints though.  We’ve been together for over twenty-years and it’s hard to break-up with someone who has been such a huge part of your life.  Plus, there are only about 15 Thanks-A-Lots in each box so you go through them pretty quickly.

Here is the part of the blog where I embarass myself, and my lack of self control, and admit that I have bought FOUR boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year…AND if I see those little Girl Scouts out in front of Bi-Lo again anytime soon I’ll be buying more.


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