Misfit Toy.

9 Mar

So my brother bought this dog for Holden for Christmas.  Before we even opened the gift (note to self, remember to write post about how incredibly awkward it is to open gifts for your 8 week old that you wrapped) anyway, before we opened it he prefaced it with a “sorry..I ordered it online and had no idea how big it actually was”.

To be fair it actually isn’t that big.  Although at the time it was bigger than Holden.

If you’ve had a baby you know that they aren’t exactly the most interactive little things until somewhere around four months.  He is just now paying attention to his toys & taking an interest in them.  Much to Dave’s dismay, Holden has taken a particular interest in this dog.  Perhaps because he remembers his uncle fondly.  I think the dog is adorable but Dave says we should “limit his time with it” because it’s one of those toys that sings and talks in a sort of obnoxious voice.  Whatever, I love it & so does Holden.  The other day I was folding laundry on the bed and Holden was playing (or eating) with his dog.  When we were done I stashed the pup away in Holden’s toy chest and we moved on.

About twenty minutes later I walked back in Holden’s room to put some of his clothes away & from the depths of the toy chest I hear “Peek-a-boo! I see you!”

I jumped out of my skin & high-tailed it back to the living room.  It was the middle of the day & I am a twenty-eight year old woman.  I should not have been terrified of a little doll but suddenly I had visions of it magically appearing on the couch & belting out “It’s learning time!!”.

Needless to say I did NOT go back in Holden’s room until Dave came home and could assess the situation.

But..I didn’t learn my lesson.  I pulled it out the next day for Holden to play with (he just loves it!) and when we were done I left it on the couch in our bedroom.  That night Dave and I were both drifting off to sleep in a quiet baby-less room (note to self: write a blog about the wonderful-ness that is sleep training) when our cat Jaxon jumped up on the couch and we heard “Peek-a-boo!  I see you!”.

I told my brother about his terrifying Christmas gift and he laughed and told me he bought it especially to terrify us.

We’ll see who’s terrified when I hide it in his room next Christmas.


One Response to “Misfit Toy.”

  1. Sarah March 10, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    That’s awesome. Thanks for the laugh although I’m sorry it was at your expense.

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