Lists of Five.

10 Mar

Sometimes I can’t think of anything to blog about (albeit, this has not been lately…even though my real life is completely boring compared to the sorority girl I was six years ago..I have been rather bloggy lately)  But, I digress.  Sometimes when I can’t think of something to blog about I read other peoples blogs and think “I wish I would have thought of that first!”  Of course after someone writes something you can’t blatantly go and re-write on the same topic in your own words.  It’s a small blogishphere  However, I totally enjoy when people TELL you to steal their inspiration.  Yes!

So, my favorite blogger Blair (who I have a girl-crush on) has a girl-crush on a blogger named Gussy who I had never heard of until about twenty minutes ago but I am pretty sure I will be girl-crushing on her in the near future. It’s just a big hot mess of girl-crush action. Anyway, Gussy started a List of Five..which Blair posted on her blog..which I must now do because I am a list-a-holic and having the opportunity to make more list makes my toes tingle. Ask Dave, I leave random lists all over our house. I also e-mail myself lists if I can’t move the ten feet from the computer to my notepad in the kitchen. (Random note, the “to-do” list for Holden’s room was originally almost four pages long).

Anyway, here is my List of Five..if you like it..steal it and do your own! Because Blair said you could!

5 Most Recent Purchases

  • Cheesey Gordita Crunch & a Pepsi from Taco Bell
  • A lint roller
  • Zip-lock bags
  • Trash Bags
  • Socks

I’m thinking now maybe I should re-visit this whole making lists idea because this first one is making me sound terribly uninteresting.

5 Current Etsy Favorites

  • Baby Books by EdnaMae. I finally ordered Holden’s last week. I literally cannot WAIT until it arrives! Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures.
  • Necklaces by JLynn Creations.  Dave bought me this necklace for Christmas.  It’s so gorgeous.  He also added another date charm with Holden’s birthday.
  • Anything by LuxeDeluxe but specifically this necklace.
  • Petunia’s Icky Bags.  I still don’t have one but I swear the thought of owning one of these was what led me to the decision to cloth diaper.  I am NOT kidding, they are just so adorable.  Holden must own this one..soon.
  • Snugabug Blankets...I want.

5 Links on my Toolbar

  • Facebook
  • My Blog
  • The unpublished online edition of Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer.
  • Gmail
  • Swagbucks

5 Thoughts Running Through My Head Right Now

  • My leg hurts from sitting like this.
  • I need to vacuum because I’m pretty sure Shahrzad is allergic to cats. (She’s coming Friday!!)
  • I hope Holden stays asleep.
  • It’s good to hear Dave giggle.
  • I got a free coupon for Heluva Good Dip by becoming a Facebook fan and as soon as I got my coupon I un-fanned them.  Does that make me a bad person?  And does it make me a worse person because I am really excited to use my coupon?

In other news…I have a funny, smart, witty & observant husband.  If you know him you know that Dave is..well..special.  He’s far from ordinary.  From his sleep habits to his extracurricular activities he is not your “run of the mill” kind of guy.  If you knew him in college you would never have imagined that a.) we would date b.) we would get married and c.) we would have a baby & seemingly be pretty thrilled about it.  He’s not totally wrong for me in any way (I hope I’m not insinuating that) he’s just not the guy you would imagine that would settle down & have kids in his early twenties.  Anyway, my point..not only is he a great husband he’s an amazing father (truthfully, he loves Holden one thousand times more than I thought he would..watching them together..ahh..melts the heart).  I am trying to convince him to come and “guest blog”!  So if you know him, or want to, leave me a comment to help me convince him to do it!  If you don’t know him..I promise he’s way funnier & a much better speller than I am.  Sometimes he comes on here and fixes all my grammatical errors.  That’s love yes?

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