Boy Crazy

15 Mar

My junior year in high school (and let’s face freshman and sophomore years as well) I teetered back and forth between two boyfriends.  Literally one month I was with one, the next month I was with another until they both eventually got tired of my mind games.  One was a bad boy..and one was a good guy.  Guess which one I liked more?  Oh..and guess which one I spent years kicking myself for breaking up with him?  Yeah…this blog isn’t about the “good guy” imagine that.

The bad boy..ohhhh was he bad.  I could spent 900 blog entries telling you about all the fights, the crazy nights, the drama (ohhhh the drama) and the broken potted plants (which was thrown at his head by the way..I missed) that involved this particular boy.  By the end of that relationship I didn’t even recognize myself and it took a long time to get back to “normal”.  But..”I suppose every girl has to fall for a bad boy.  It’s the reason so many accountants eventually get married.”  (Name the television show that quote came from and you win!)

Anyway, despite all the drama (and there was a pile of it) and all the broken flower pots (sorry mom) there was one good thing that came out of that relationship.  And her name is Shahrzad.

True Story.  When I was starting my Junior year I was very secure in my (bad) relationship and then all the sudden there was an influx of Freshman girls and they all were obsessed with MY boyfriend.  At the time this infuriated me beyond belief.  They were all best friends & they were all this little pack of girls who giggled every time he walked by and would write him notes.  Once, one of them even tried to convince me he came to their house when he told me he was at work.  (This was not true.  It probably could have been true but homegirl’s story was flawed.  She was instant messaging me telling me he was at her house but he was actually sitting right next to me.  Had he not been there, I probably would have believed her.  He sounds like a great boyfriend yes?)  And their ring leader?  A little girl named Shahrzad.  This girl (at the time) drove me up a wall.  All I heard all day long, from fifty million people, was about how this girl liked my boyfriend and really didn’t care that he had a girlfriend.  I hated her.  SO much.    One time I was walking down the hallway (holding hands..I had to show those girls what was up) with the bad guy and I turned around and gave her the death stare.  I must have been pretty intimidating (ha!).

Not to long after that the bad guy and I broke up (I’m embarrassed to say that he broke up with me and I did not take it well.  It took me a LONG time after that to stick around in a relationship.  For the next few years I broke up with people I liked a lot pretty quickly because I didn’t want to feel like that ever again).  Because I was sad, and the good guy didn’t want me back either, I started hanging out with my friends all the time.  ALL the time.  And since most of them were on the crew team I decided to join because being alone for a few hours every afternoon probably would have sent me to the mental institution.

The first day of crew practice I almost crapped my pants because SHE was there.  Here and all her little gang of friends were there and could see me in all my sad sad glory.  Even worse..when we got our boat assignments she ended up sitting right behind me.  After a few months of ignoring her, but listening to her at the same time, I realized something.  Yes, she liked my boyfriend…but she liked EVERYBODY.  She came to practice everyday talking about a new boy.  Some of them went to our school, some of them lived in Savannah, some of them lived in Missouri.  So one day I decided life was too short to hate her so I talked to her, and I think she thought I was going to kill her, but I didn’t.  And then months passed and I had a hard time remembering hating her.  By the end of that year we were friends and by the time I graduated high school we were best friends.

It’s funny when you look back on it, but she is actually the friend from high school that I am the closest with still.  Most of our other friends either got married young and had families or are still single and are focusing on their careers.  Our paths were pretty similar.  She started dating her husband a few months after I started dating Dave.  We got married within a year of each other (364 days to be exact..she caught the bouquet at my wedding..even though I rigged it, I like to think I had something to do with her getting married).  And then, we had our baby boys within 6 months of each other.

So now we are a whole new kind of boy crazy.

As you can probably guess she came this weekend and Holden and Owen met for the first time.  I loved her coming to visit.  I love all my friends for very different reasons, but Shahrzad reminds me of being young.  And while that sounds pretty cliché to say it is true.  Even if we haven’t talked in months we can pick right up gossiping about people we know, shoes we want & sometimes even people we don’t know.  No one understands my love for shopping like her, and it’s probably a good thing I don’t see her all the time or else I’d be super broke.  She reminds me of road trips to shows, good music, Hilton Head, turkey weggies & shoes.  All things that I love.


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