I’d die without you Friday…Bum Genius!

19 Mar

Have I mentioned that I cloth diaper?

I should have..I mean it’s something we do daily (duh) that’s kind of fun. At first it was a little odd and hard to get used to but now it’s like second nature.

The backstory..my old college roommate Sarah first blogged about cloth diapering a few years ago when her little boy Christopher was only a few months old.  This was at the beginning of what I like to call Christen-gets-baby-fevah.  I thought “oh how neat!”  Sarah lives in Missouri so I never really saw the diapers in action until my friend Carla had her baby boy Colby Jace.  Since Carla actually lives in my state I tend to see her more often and I got to see Colby’s cute little Bum Geniused rear-end a few times before I decided I wanted must have them.  This was at the height of Christen-has-baby-fever-watch-out.  Holden was far from being conceived yet I had already made the decision to cloth diaper his bottom.  When I finally got pregnant (it seriously felt like it took longer than it actually did) I started buying my stash.

Here is the part where I shamefully admit that I did not start cloth diapering because I care about the enviroment, or the benefits of potty training a cloth diapered baby OR the benefits like little to no diaper rash.  No, no..I chose to cloth diaper for one reason and one reason only.

I am cheap.

The thought of spending thousands of dollars over the next 2-3 years made me want to dig my eyeballs out with a spoon.  To me it’s just the same as taping dollar bills to Holden’s bathroom bits.  The inital cost of the diapers was a little bit of a shock to the old wallet but we had some family buy some for us for Christmas (my mom refused to wrap them though..she insisted that giving Holden diapers for Christmas was like giving him underwear and she did NOT want to be that grandma).  I also tried to buy one every month when I was pregnant & I had some great friends (like Shaz!) buy me some as shower gifts.  By time we were ready to start we had quiet a stash!

But..the world works in mysterious ways.  From day one Holden’s diaper rash was OUT OF CONTROL.  We had anti-fungal medicine, prescription ointment, we tried every cream and every disposable diaper known to man.  Until he was seven weeks old he had perma-rash and I could tell he was just miserable.  If it finally went away it would just come back a few days later (this maybe happened once though, the rest of the time it was just bad).  He even got yeast infections because of the rash!  Around seven weeks old I decided it was time to cloth diaper.  He had been a bit too small for them before.  The first few days were a bit hard..it took us awhile to figure out how many inserts he needed, how tight is too tight, what was too loose..but eventually we got it.  Then  miraculously the rash went away…and stayed away.  For days I was convinced it was a fluke..then weeks went by, then a month, then two & still no rash.  I am guessing that even if I had been against cloth diapering I would have changed my mind and done it anyway.

And besides..he looks so cute in them!


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