The Happy List

21 Mar

I loved college.  I think most people do…right?  I loved my small school.  I loved sitting in the breezeway in between classes talking to all my sorority sisters & flirting with fraternity boys–then booking it to class so I wouldn’t be late.  I loved the smell of my dorm room (really!).  I loved hearing the trains in the distance as I was falling asleep (I grew up on an island..we didn’t have trains).  I loved Sunday night sorority meetings in Leatherman.  I loved Thursdays night at Rum Jungle, Friday nights at the Diamond Mine & Saturday nights at the KA House.  I loved going to Subway at 3 a.m.  I loved shopping for new outfits the night before going out.  I loved getting Wendy’s the next morning afternoon.  I loved my job in the costume shop.  I loved sitting in the light booth during shows.  I loved boys in boxers & button downs.  I loved buying a cheap disposable camera before going out and then going to Wal-Mart the next day to get them developed (old school!).  I loved being the only girl allowed in the boy’s dressing room backstage (it’s not dirty, they needed me to do their make-up most of the time).  I loved Aunt Annie’s where you could get one meat and three sides & a sweet tea for five dollars.  I loved coming home for the weekend and having my mom do all my laundry, take me shopping & spend every moment she possibly could with me…it made me feel loved.  I loved care-packages I would get in the mail.  I loved hooking Anna Lynne/Keri/AnnaKate up with whoever it was that they loved that week.  I loved cracking jokes with Tyner.  I loved the week of Big Sis/Lil Sis.  I loved Amy Sherwood..’nuff said.  I loved buying people beer with my Food Lion gift cards (which I was supposed to use for food) and having them give me cash so I could buy more clothes.  I loved studying outside my apartment, but really just having an excuse to sit outside and see who I could talk to.  I loved sorority/fraternity bowling nights.  I loved my roommates (all eight of them by the time I graduated).  I loved college much more than I ever loved high school.  By the time I graduated I wrapped all my memories up in a pretty little package and put them in my brain to hold on to.  I knew it was time to move on.  I was ready to move on but those were all moments that shaped who I was.  They were moments and people who led me to Dave and the rest of my life.

I don’t dress to pin anymore.  I took all my old sorority t-shirts and made a quilt.  My pictures, my paddle and my 90 million KD knickknacks are packed away in my attic.  My beer coozies usually sit in the cabinet instead of on my drink.  I haven’t been to a bar in years.  Bowling just isn’t as much fun.  If I had Food Lion gift cards I would use them to buy food not beer.  I can’t tell you the last time I ate any type of fast food past 7 p.m.

I have a whole new kind of happy.

I love the way Holden smells…sometimes I stick my nose on his head and just breathe him in.  I love hearing Dave laugh.  I love hearing Dave talk to Holden like he’s a grown-up.  I love when my dog sighs loudly when he’s sleeping and Dave and I are talking, it’s like we are interrupting him or something.  I love my house.  I love my green kitchen cabinets.  I love cuddling with Holden in the morning after Dave has gone to work.  I love watching The Gilmore Girls..over and over and over again.  I love talking about our future.  I love organizing Holden’s little clothes.  I love climbing into my bed with a great book.  I love Target.  I love collecting stuff for my future (hopefully soon!) classroom.  I love seeing my friends have babies.  I love seeing my friends get married.  I love seeing my friends hold MY baby.  I love Baby Legs..the real chunky ones and the legwarmer type.  I love decorating my house.  I love decorating and redecorating my bedroom in my mind.  I love my parents.  I love seeing my parents with my son.  I love thinking about a taking a trip to the beach this summer.  I love playing cards with Dave.  I love movie nights with pizza and sour gummy worms.  Most of all, I love this little guy..and the big guy whose sock he is chomping on.  It’s clean..don’t worry.

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