McFatty Monday..

22 Mar

I lost six pounds last week! was probably all cupcake weight I acquired the weekend before..but still SIX pounds!  YAY!

Shahrzad told me about a diet she did with some success while she was here last weekend.  Basically she would eat lean meats & fruits and vegetables for an entire week.  When I told Dave about it he explained that it was also a bodybuilding diet that helped you bulk up.

I tried it for a week, but I had to make a few modfications.  I would have cracked on Tuesday if I couldn’t have added a few “bad things” here and there.  He is my basic menu for one day:


Oatmeal (two packs..because let’s face it one pack of oatmeal is enough, for like, a five year old).



Yogurt (usually I would mix in a handful of Cherrios to make it a little more filling)

More oatmeal

Any fruit


Deli Turkey slices wrapped in cheese.  I would use one piece of cheese and break it apart.  I ended up eating a LOT of deli meat

Pickles or grapes


I usually made a chicken or ground turkey meal and had a veggie as the side.  Last week we had BBQ Chicken & butter beans, Salsa Chicken & black beans, Turkey Sloppy Joes & Roasted Asparagus, Turkey Burger Steak (like hamburger steak) & butter beans, and Teriyaki Chicken & broccoli.  For dinner I would eat a HUGE helping of whatever I made.  I also tried not to eat anything after dinner unless I was really hungry.  You probably aren’t supposed to eat all those sauces but I had to or else I would have quit.

By Friday I was down six pounds and I ate whatever I wanted to on Saturday and Sunday. However, I had my first “you don’t look like you just had a baby!” comment on Saturday morning so I really tried to make better food choices.  I think I gained about a pound back this weekend.

So I am going to go at it again this week and hopefully have another successful week!  I need to think of some new ideas for dinner though..if you have any chicken, turkey or any other lean meat meals you love please post them!  I’d love to see them!


One Response to “McFatty Monday..”

  1. Whatever DeeDee Wants March 24, 2010 at 7:56 am #

    Six pounds? That’s great!

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