New Bloggies

31 Mar

Lately I have become a blog-o-holic.

I think it’s due to lack of television.

That being said I’ve found some new blogs lately that I just LOVE and I thought I’d share.  (Or, Christen is devoid of all original ideas to blog about so she’ll just make some crap up).

O My Family

I love the O Family.  AllisonO, DanO and OBaby are just o so cute.  I’m pretty sure she’s “that mom” that you see walking around with her adorable baby and it wouldn’t surprise you if a bird lands on her shoulder and they all three  break out into song about how happy they are because they are so freaking adorable.  This would not happen in my family.  Chances are if a bird landed on my shoulder I’d scream in terror and run in the other direction terrifying my baby at the same time and then, to get back at me, the bird would poop on me.

The Tasty Kitchen Blog

You know The Pioneer Woman, yes? ( If you don’t shame on you!  And run to her blog..right now..go)  Her recipe sharing site is The Tasty Kitchen..and she and her friends blog about their favorite recipes, themes of the week, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I’ll admit the reason I initially went there was to drool over the pictures of all the food I can’t eat because of my crazy diet.  However, the reason I stay?  Homegirl seems to do a KitchenAide Stand Mixer giveaway at least once a week.  No lies.  And I will have one of those stupid things before I die or else.  And yes, it’s a little discouraging that over 20,000 people ( read that right) enter her giveaways.  Oh wells.

Harper’s Happenings

I heart Mandy & The Haps.  Go, look at her baby & then die of jealousy because no little girl ever could be that cute.  I would try to do a little match making between Harper & Holden but I have a feeling Harper already has a long long list of gentlemen callers.  And Mandy, her mom?  A-freaking-dorable.  I also would give her all the shoes in my closet for the rug that is in a lot of her pictures.  What can I say, I have rug envy.

Exploits of a Military Momma

I can always support a girl from South Carolina.  (And yes, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time playing six degrees of South Carolina separation trying to figure out if I know somebody, who knows somebody who got drunk at the Cup with her sister..or something like that..and no..I haven’t found any connection yet).  I also love reading about an ex-sorority girl who suddenly finds herself cloth diapering and making her own baby food.  It’s eerily similar.

I promise..I’ll be back soon with something more interesting to say..lately I am just stuck in a cycle of freak-out and one can only blog about how her head might explode if she hears the words: resumes, application or principal one more time.


One Response to “New Bloggies”

  1. Shannon April 5, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Very funny! It took me a while to put those maternity pants in the guest room closet. They are just soooo comfy! Just found your blog on Top Mommy, yay! Had to come by…your name captured my attention immediately. I’m addicted to Target! Happy Monday!

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