A much needed note to self.

4 Apr

Dear Christen,

You are no longer pregnant.  I know sometimes the phantom baby kicks & the desire to eat an entire chocolate Easter bunny may lead you to believe otherwise, but I guarantee you, 1593933% you are no longer pregnant.

So please stop wearing clothes that make it look like you are.  In case you don’t believe me I’ve provided proof below…down there…see.

Thank you,


In a nutshell Momma needs some new clothes yo.

One Response to “A much needed note to self.”

  1. Sarah April 5, 2010 at 9:52 am #

    I know how you feel! Every shirt I have makes me still look like I’m pregnant. There’s also something about this whole mommy thing that makes us stick out our stomachs while holding our child. I catch myself doing it all the time! It’s some cruel joke the universe is playing on us.

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