McFatty Monday..

5 Apr

I had a goal for myself…last week I was out of town so I skipped McFatty Monday..and in my head I hoped to come here this Monday and brag a little bit.  About what?  Well I’ll tell you.  When I started McFatty Monday in January I had a certain number in mind.  A goal of loosing 22 pounds that would get me to a nice round even number that I was happy with.  (Sorry internets, obviously since I blog I seek attention & I love to talk about myself..but..there are just some things I can’t tell you..and the number on the scale..well that’s one of them.  You wouldn’t want to know anyway).  Since I have been doing the lean meat & veggies diet pretty successfully the past three weeks I truly thought I could come here today and tell you that I had reached my goal number and now I could focus on an even smaller number.

But I can’ want to know why?

Because I am ONE stinking pound away from that weight.

Perhaps, if I had laid off the Easter candy yesterday I could come here and write my victory blog, but you know what?  I ate my chocolate bunny with pride yesterday knowing that I have indeed worked pretty hard to be down 21 pounds and I am going to eat a bunny if I want to (it was my cheat day afterall) and if I’ve got to wait one more week to throw myself an e-victory party then I will.

So, that’s 21 pounds lost since January.  Which is okay, not great.  If I loved working out or hated pizza & chocolate I would probably do better…but for me it’s a small victory because I can’t remember the last time I lost 21 pounds..and kept it off..even after an all night choco-bunny-binge.

21 pounds since January

11 pounds since starting the lean meat & veggies diet.

5 pounds in the last two weeks….(I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t as fanatical about my diet last week since we were visiting my parents (and they have ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels in it remember?  Plus Easter and all the southern fried goodness that the holiday entails).


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