Today should have been a bad day..

8 Apr

I got a letter I’d been dreading about a job that I did not get.  I came in from the mailbox, sat down at the computer ready to cry and then I saw this.  How can you be mad about life when you have friends like her?

(I’m not sure if she’s going to kill me for this one or not)

Then Holden wanted nothing to do with anyone else but me.  Sometimes that drives me nuts, but not today, today I needed my little guy to just want to be with his mom.  I said “sleep training be dammed” and I let him nap on my lap.  I’m an enabler..what can I say?

Then I got to g-chat with my husband during his planning period and he makes me laugh and encourages me to move on.  He even says it’s a “sign” which is something he never says..mostly because he thinks my views on karma and superstition are crazy lady talk.

It’s hard to be down when everyone around me is so good.  From now on I just need to remember this:

I need to buy this poster for my bedroom..and then one for my bathroom..and then one for the hallway in case I forget it by the time I cross through my doorway.  Then another for the kitchen..probably on the fridge since I’m a stress eater.  Then about 16 to place on the windows, roof, rear view mirrors and steering wheel on my car.


One Response to “Today should have been a bad day..”

  1. shahrzad Baber April 8, 2010 at 10:10 pm #

    How could I ever be mad at you, I look a little chunky, but so what… I got my air force ones on, I look fabulous haha:) I love you very much and Im sorry your day was bad, I know it will get better and if things dont Owen and I will come take you to lunch, deal? I love you!!! I have that poster in navy blue for my bedroom, now to find a frame, well buy you one when I get commission at the end of the month, what cola you want girl?

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