I’m not usually one for shameless self promotion..

16 Apr

but seriously have you tried SwagBucks yet?

I signed up sometime over the summer of ’09 when a few of my friends were talking about it over Facebook. My friend Jenn rattled on about all the free gift cards she was getting just by searching for things (like google).  Me, being me and never being one to turn down a deal, had to check it out.  I used it once or twice but sort of thought it was a pain to go to swagbucks.com and then do a search..especially since I have Firefox and I have that neat little google search in the upper right hand corner of my browser.

Then I discovered how to make this my homepage and I used whenever I needed a google search..typically I earn anywhere from 10-20 swag bucks a day just for something I do anyway.  Then I found out I could add their blog to my blogroll and every once in a while they give out promo codes for various amounts of Swagbucks.

Fast forward to the other day where I cashed in a bunch of my Swagbucks and got a $15 dollar gift certificate to Amazon.com.  I don’t joke…in less than two months I earned $15 dollars..and Amazon has everything a girl could want.  (Me personally..well I want the Britax Marathon car seat (in Cowmooflouge of course) for Holden since he is SO tall and is growing out of his Chicco already!)  And yes, I realized I just did a parentheses within a parentheses..I need help.

Apparently the next great way to earn SwagBucks is to get people to sign up..so that’s where the shameless self promotion comes in…. if you hate me..well just go to Swagbucks.com and sign up on your own and get you some giftcards. They have ones for Target (and XBox live..which The Dave has been eyeballing so much I finally convinced him to sign up for an account on his computer).  So if you want to try it put your e-mail in a comment (i won’t publish them)…the clicky below doesn’t work..

Search & Win

One Response to “I’m not usually one for shameless self promotion..”

  1. Sarah April 17, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    i tried clicking on the banner and it took me to a wordpress page. i want to help you out, so i won’t sign up until i can give you the credits. is there another way to say you referred me?

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