Up in the air..

24 Apr

I googled that phrase tonight and this was the image that came up:

Do any of you remember that movie?  I remember wanting to see it soooo bad in the 7th grade that I actually paid cash money to see it at Main Street Cinemas.  Oh..Kevin Bacon.  It’s okay..we all make mistakes.

But the title of my post is actually referring to my life at the moment.  Dave & I have finally faced reality and realized that we are probably going to be moving by the end of the summer.  (However, this revelation has in no way effected our enthusiasm for fixing up our house since we are going to have to sell or rent it..you would think this would light a fire under ones tookas..but alas it has not).

Why are we probably moving?  No jobs here…and The Dave is leaving his job at the end of the school year.  Am I terrified that neither one of us will find a new job and we’ll be living on the street?  Absolutely.  However, I am optimistic of the opportunities elsewhere.  I’ve had some interviews..and I am anticipating a few more in the next few weeks so I am hoping & praying for the best.  Some of them aren’t exactly what I want to do but really..in the middle of the worst economic depression since the Great Depression am I really going to be “that girl” who turns down a well-paying job with health insurance because it’s “not really what I want to do” with a husband, a house & oh yeah..a baby to take care of?  I can answer that one for you..no freaking way.

I am sad about the possibility of leaving our house..not really my town (I mean..I can’t even tell you how far I have to drive to get to Wal-Mart let alone Target).  Dave & I have lived in three (well..four..no wait..five) apartments and this house..and this is the first place that ever really felt like home.  We’ll miss that..sometimes I stand in my kitchen and get overwhelmed with sadness about the prospect of someone else cooking dinner in my kitchen..or shushing their newborn baby back to sleep at 4 a.m.  Holden first peed on Dave in that kitchen.  We knew when we bought it this was not our “forever” house..but it’s still home.

In short..I am sad but excited about our new adventure.  We’ve already been talking about the next house we’ll buy..what we love about our house that we’ll look for & what we wish we knew when we were property virgins.  So if you are so inclined please cross your fingers, pray to Jesus, meditate or emit positive energy into the universe for my little family if you have any extra to spare.


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