I’m glad I did it..

25 Apr

(This is going to be a two-part series!  I’m glad I did it.. and I wish I knew then what I know now)

Today was a raining, gloomy Saturday.  So The Dave and I packed up the boy and we headed to Babies ‘r Us.  We were in desperate need of a new stroller (I’ll get to that) and we decided today was the day.  We had a super time.

The pregnant women..well they were out in droves…and they all had their registry guns and they were scan, scan, scanning away.  After observing a cute little pregnant girl and her cute little husband standing in the stroller section with that  “holy crap, who knew there were so many different kinds of strollers” expression plastered all over their faces.  The wife (well I assume) kept going back and forth between the Chicco Travel System and the Graco Travel System..she was conflicted because the Graco matched their play yard, swing and bouncer but the Chicco had a higher safety rating.  (Mommies..you remember this well..yes?)  The experience made me laugh on the inside..and reminisce about the day that Dave and I went to register and were overwhelmed at every turn at Babies ‘r Us.  Even though we had been pacing up and down the aisles long before I was pregnant (in the “let’s hope we are stage) and I had looked at stalked every pregnant friend’s registry who had given birth within the last year.  I went into Babies r’ Us that day armed with a list from two of my best girl friends (Shahrzad & Carla) who had both just had baby boys and I still spent 45 minutes picking out an infant bathtub (that by the way..I did not get..I got the one from Target) and I left the store that day wanting to go home and sleep for 45 years because I exhausted all my energy registering.

My point..it got me to thinking about all the crap I registered for that I carefully researched, picked out and scrutinized over for months…and I thought I’d compile a little list in case any pregnant women ever read this blog.  It’s all stuff that at one point I have said “thank goodness I have that!”  And mommies..feel free to make your own list on your blog and share your link in the comments section..I’d love to read them all!

My number one…The Chicco Carseat and the Snap N Go Stroller (aka, the reason we were in BRU today because Holden is finally getting sick of sitting in his car seat all the time)

I wanted the Chicco because it was the safest car seat that wasn’t nine million dollars.  I went back and forth between stroller frame and travel system for MONTHS.  I took them both on and off my registry at least twice a week until my in-laws bought us the carseat.  It was soooo the right decision.  The stroller frame is so light and popping Holden in & out of the car to the stroller was so easy.  From what I’ve heard the TS strollers are just so bulky.  We used it exclusively as our main stroller until today.  So it worked for 6 months and I know we’ll still use it if we are going to the store or something and Holden is sleeping.  He just loves sitting up and looking around now.

(I just realized this could be a really long post..I’ll keep it brief)

The Boppy. Can you believe I actually thought..”eh, if I get this great..if not..oh well..I’ll live.”  I’m serious.  Luckily my friend Sarah knew better.  Holden has spent A LOT of time on this pillow and I don’t see it stopping any time in the near future.

The Space Saver High Chair. I have a tiny house..with a tiny dining room.  There was no room for a high chair.  There was also no room for a high chair in the kitchen.  When I registered for it I was not sure about it (I mean..have you seen some of these high chairs..they are SO cute..and stylish!  Some of them don’t even look like baby stuff.  This one for instance resembles a bookshelf..and I am all about having baby stuff that doesn’t scream HAI!! A BABY LIVES HERE!!).  But..we went with the tiny one and it is lovely.  If our next house doesn’t have space issues I might buy another one..but for now this one works and we can use it as a booster seat.

The Pack N Play. So..I’ll admit this embarrassing secret.  I knew babies interrupted your sleep habits.  I understood my nights of twelve hours of sleep where long gone.  However, I had the delusion that..you know..my child would sleep in his crib for these brief periods of time.  An hour or two..I wasn’t picky..I understood babies need to eat. Hmph.  My baby?  He HAD to be within a 2 foot radius of me at all sleeping times or else it was scream city.  The pack-n-play (in my day we called them what they are..a play pen) was only intended to be used for the first few nights & ended up being used for almost three months.

I could probably list a lot of things of this list..but I think I’ll leave it at this or else this might turn into an epically long post.  Stay tuned for Part Two:  I wish I knew then what I know now..or..crap that didn’t work…sometime this week!


One Response to “I’m glad I did it..”

  1. Kat April 25, 2010 at 9:36 pm #

    Recently found your blog and just love it. Just gave you a Stiletto Award over on my blog. Enjoy and keep it up!

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