Dirty little secrets..

26 Apr

A few years ago I discovered I had a vice…a huge one..celebrity gossip. More specifically..celebrity gossip magazines. A few years ago I put the kabash on spending our hard earned money on tons of issues of People & US Weekly. I turned to more reliable celebrity gossip sources online..such as Perez Hilton.  Oh my.

But today I broke that streak.  I fell off the bandwagon if you will.  Because of this:

I am sure most of you are scratching your heads right about now.   I bet you don’t even know who the girl in that picture is. Why on earth would a grown woman, with her buggy full of sensible, mature, adult items such as baby oatmeal and risotto almost lose her mind in the check out line at Target upon seeing this cover.  I mean I am not even British.

I’ll tell you why…Kate Middleton & I have sort of long tortured romance.  You see..she is my doppelgänger.   (Well..that’s face it..she’s my doppelgänger in the sense that I kind of have some attributes that resemble her.  I do not have her skinny skinny body or her wonderful wardrobe).

And Kate and I..well we’ve been through it all.  I have been watching this relationship since 2001.  That’s NINE years..nine long years.  I went through their breakup in 2007 (it was a terrible time for me) and then today in Target I see the headline flashing before my eyes ” THE NEXT PRINCESS!”  I have no television and the time that I have available in my life to devote to Perez Hilton has become less & less since my child no longer naps (it’s true).  I think to myself..finally I AM GOING TO BE QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!!!!!!!

It’s every little girls dream right?!?!

Apparently I should have read the bottom bullet point..it was an entire article about when he will pop the question.


Oh well Kate..our day will come.  Until then rest assured that no one looks as good in feathery hats as we you do.

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