Dear Dave..

27 Apr

Do you remember last Mother’s Day when I was about 14 weeks pregnant and you said I didn’t get a present because “the baby was still on the inside so I wasn’t technically a mother yet”?  And then on Father’s Day you went to Old Navy & you I bought you that white linen shirt & khaki pants because they looked “like good beach walking clothes” and you envisioned yourself walking along the shore with your shirt unbuttoned and wearing your stupid old man hat? baby is out now.

Laptop Portfolio (see i’ve even linked them for excuse!)

FLY Handstamped Necklace..this is the same lady you bought my Christmas present from..see you already KNOW her.

Bath & Body Works Berry Vanilla..I don’t like the lemon but that’s all I could find a picture of..

What’s on your Mother’s Day Wishlist??

(And I should say this about my adorable hubbs…I promise the deal with last Mother’s Day..he’s not so much mean as he is fact we are both lazy present buyers).


One Response to “Dear Dave..”

  1. sarah April 28, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    LOVE that necklace. Can you please make sure Brian sees that?

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