Have I mentioned I’m cheap…and a give-a-way!

27 Apr

Today is Holden’s Half Birthday!!  When I was a kid I used to celebrate this like it was my real birthday.  (For real, I got presents and everything).  Granted they were never huge presents but I always enjoyed celebrating my favorite thing..me..

The bad news..Holden’s only present was three pricks in the leg and a nap in the car seat.  We’ll celebrate next year.

In the doctor’s office I realized I must sound like a totally hippie.  My adorable son was sitting there in his cutie pie cloth diaper and we were discussing the food I make for Holden.  I totally wouldn’t have mentioned this but Dave is super proud of the fact that we make his food instead of buying it.  Why?  I have no idea.  The doctor gave me the once over and had a confused look on her face..as if to say “well..she looks like she takes showers.” When we left the office I told Dave I wanted to tell her..hey, I’m not a hippie..I’m just cheap.

But I digress..because I do have a point.  One of my favorite new blog finds is Exploits from a Military Momma.  I’ve been following her journey into the world of cloth diapering for the last month or so and I am excited because now she is doing a “Month of Fluff!”

Exploits of a Military Mama

In short..she’s trying  a bunch of different brands of cloth diapers and reviewing them each week for one month.  Last week she tried SmartiPants (which I have tried..and liked alright..but I am afraid to leave them on Holden at night because he leaks like a maniac) and this week she is trying Bum Essentials.  I must say I am intrigued by her positive review of them.  I have strictly been an all BumGenius all the time kind of girl but I might have to stretch my horizons a little bit for one reason…because apparently they don’t stink.  I love my BG’s but if I forget to put vinegar in my little Downey Ball……good lord.  The smell. Yuck.

The best part?  Each week she’s giving away the diaper that she reviews…so go over there..read her blog (Bonus.. she’s kind of adorable..and from SC..woot woot..and she has a super cute baby named Sullivan) and try to win some free diapers.


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