28 Apr

Dirty Little Secret #2…okay well not so much a secret.  I love Disney World.  I went as a kid and had an appreciation for Disney & all that it entails…but as an adult..I went Disney World nuts.

Literally..Dave and I have been seven times in our almost seven years as a couple…and..honestly if I could I would go a lot more.

My friends Brandon & Jess have started their very own Disney Forum…it’s called Monocle on the Mouse and it’s tons of fun! ( case you’re not very smart like me and had to google the word means eye!) Haha. Anyways, in the name of love I thought I’d share the site with you all here..there are tons of great people there and they know just about everything about Disney. Especially Jess..she’s a Disney Encylopedia..and..bonus..she’s one of my very bestest friends!!!

Monocle On the Mouse -


One Response to “Nerd-A-Lert…Nerd-A-Lert..”

  1. sarah May 8, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    where did you go…?

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