Hello..poor neglected..sad little blog.

27 May

I miss you..I truly do.

I will be back soon..I promise!  Next week!  When I am living back at home (TRUE STORY..I moved in with my parents for five weeks..) and I have my own computer (another true story..my laptop..went insane and won’t sign on to the wireless network at my parents house..I hope this doesn’t continue when I’m home) and I spend some time with The Dave, my dog and my son I will be back with a vengeance baby..because it’s been almost five weeks y’all.  I went from trying to turn my little blog into something pretty special to crickets in a matter of days.

I see that some of y’all are sticking around and checking back everyday..Thank you!  I will live to blog again.


One Response to “Hello..poor neglected..sad little blog.”

  1. sarah May 28, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    i will be here when you return…

    speaking of, will you and holden be able to do lunch or an afternoon something on June 21? either that or breakfast on the 22nd?

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