3 Jun

I’m back….like for real!

Seriously..I’m on my couch..on my computer..with my dog!  So we’re back..and here’s a list of things that have changed:

  • Holden has a tooth!  It popped up on his 7 month birthday!
  • Holden also has a new carseat..because he was going all types of psycho in his old one (we are talking 3 hour scream-fest)..now I can rub his little head when he gets lonely.  He likes to look at the trees and suddenly he loves life again.  Bonus..it’s a Britax Marathon which we got for $200 instead of $275.  Thank you Amazon
  • He also..hold on to your hats people..NAPS ON HIS OWN!  Granted..you have to put him in his stroller and push his chunky tookus around the neighborhood in 90 degree weather for about ten minutes..but then you can wheel him back into the house and he sleeps for an hour or so.  At least this is what my mother accomplished..hopefully we can keep this up.
  • We are not really breastfeeding anymore (finally).  It was a big decision..which I’ll talk more on later..but basically he started biting..so we stopped.  He still does it at night but that’s okay because he’s too sleepy to bite.
  • I have learned that there is no love quite like the love between a Grandma and her only grandson.
  • I learned how to Skype.
  • Holden likes to wake up at 6:45 a.m.  Oh..crap…tomorrow I will hate my life.
  • I haven’t done my own laundry in a month..yet all my clothes are clean.  (Thanks Mom!)
  • In Elementary School..it’s almost always someones birthday…and Green Apple Cake is amazing.  (It’s cake..with green apples & pecans and a green apple cream frosting…you can die now)
  • I gained five pounds because of all the aforementioned Green Apple Cake

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