the moment..

11 Jun

My life is a little bit crazy right now.  In the last seven days I have gone to an interview, gotten a job, turned it down, got hired as a consultant for some Disney webpages (omg!  squee!!), gone to a job fair, renegotiated with the original job offer accepted the job and signed up to become a Stella & Dot stylist.  Wow.  I also pulled weeds and fertilized my flower beds.  Which, is an all day sort of job since I pretty much hate nature.  But in there between all that hub bub did you see that I got a job?!?  Suddenly, in the midst of a South Carolina teacher hiring freeze, I’m a 2nd grade teacher!  I am beyond thrilled.  I’m not sure what is beyond thrilled..maybe fanflippingtastic?  However, the bad part..I’m moving.  The new job is in a new town so we have to (try) and sell our pretty pretty house.  I have accepted that it needs to happen but I will miss our little house.  It’s the first place I lived (since moving out of my parents house) that has really felt like home.  It’s been our matter how crappy Dave’s job was or how crazy school got we could come home and it would all just melt away.  We’ve actually become quite the homebodies because of it.

Oh!  And on top of it all Holden has his first ear infection!  Poor little buddy!  However, ear infections (apparently) make my kid sleep like a beast and for that I am thankful.

I’ve been ignoring the blog lately but all that will be changing in the next few days.  I have an exciting new project I’m working on plus I’ll be doing my VERY FIRST giveaway!  (woohoo!)  So please enter my giveaway and tell your friends.  Because it’d be all sorts of embarrassing to only have three people enter my giveaway.


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