Twenty-Nine Things I’ve Never Done…

12 Jun

In 28..almost 29..

When I was younger 29 was old.  I think we’ve all had that moment..when you suddenly realize you’re older than you ever thought you’d be.  I never thought I’d live much past twenty-one.  I’m not sure why..but my entire life I had trouble picturing my life as a wife, mother & a career woman.  It’s not that I didn’t want those’s just that I thought I’d never get there.  Is this morbid enough for you?  (honestly, after some of the stupid crap that I pulled during my high school/college years I am LUCKY to be alive)

But most importantly, I thought that if indeed I did make it to 29 (which I am totally planning on by the way) I would have crap figured out by now.  I figured I’d be wearing a suit, with a briefcase, drive a snazzy car and have a gorgeous big house that my architect husband built.  Perhaps this is why it was difficult to envision my life..because that totally not me.  I think I wore a suit once..and I looked so wrong.  I may as well of been wearing pig-tails with pink ribbons tied around them.  As my old college roommate Kerri once said “I could never imagine that fool (that’d be me) with ribbons in her hair“.  It’s just not my style.  I actually like not having crap figured out.  The Dave and I pretty much figure it out together..and it makes life..well, not boring.

I do have a point..let me get to honor of my 29th birthday I am broadening my horizons a wee-bit.  For the next twenty-nine days I will do twenty-nine things I have never done before and I will blog about my adventures.  Some of them are a little boring..and you’ll probably think “seriously..she’s never done that before” and others will BLOW YOUR MIND.  Okay, probably not.

I’d post my list here..but I want to keep you in suspense.  Plus, I’m only up to number 18 and I reserve the right to change ones that totally freak me out (like eating a mushroom..blech).

I’ll start come back and see what stupid thing I do.


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