#1: Channeling my inner Joy the Baker

13 Jun

I feel like I should start this post of with “Never have I ever…” but then I’d have to take a drink of some nasty concoction and admit to a room full of frat boys that no, I never have run around the neighborhood in my underpants.

Alas, I’m a grown-up now and I should write about grown-up things.

I have never baked anything from scratch.  Until today that is. I’ll start off by saying that I love to cook.  I love making dinner..coming up with recipes, hunting through my grandmother’s cookbooks, and trolling the food blogs looking for yummy things to make for dinner.  During my 8th and 9th months of pregnancy I even made a freezer full of meals that we could cook and eat after The Boy was born.  That was probably the smartest thing I ever did, especially since on our second day home I still felt the urge to get up and cook dinner around 6 p.m.  Even though I was exhausted.  But, anyway, I’m getting off track..this is about baking. As much as I love chocolate I really can’t bake.  I can bake a cake from a box and get mixed results..brownies either end up undercooked or too crunchy around the edges.  I don’t ever experiment and I have never ever made anything from scratch.

One of my favorite food bloggers is Joy the Baker.  I have read her blog religiously for about a year.  However, I usually just stare at the pictures as drool falls out of my mouth.  I have about nine hundred of her recipes bookmarked so this morning I sat and looked through them all.  And each one scared me a little bit more than one before it.  Finally I decided on the Lemon Pound Cake with Warm Blueberry Sauce.

Do you want to know how I decided on that one?  I typed “easy” in her search box and that’s what came up.  However, I figured JTB’s definition of “easy” and mine were probably different. (They are)

So off Holden and I went to Wal-Mart.  You may remember my hatred for Wal-Mart..but..I needed crazy things like a “loaf pan” that were kind of essential to the whole cake baking process.

Holden held on to my shopping list so I wouldn’t lose it

I think I did about sixty things wrong..and Joy the Baker probably would have cringed if she saw me using my electric hand-held mixer instead of a stand..and um..sifting..hopefully that means the same as “stir together with a spoon” because that’s totally what I did..and I may or may not have had to google “lemon zest” to find out exactly what the heck that was.  And baking?  Is messy.  I used approximately sixty-five bowls and nine hundred measuring cups.  By the end of my experience I was worn out, my sink was full of dishes, my beaters had woken up Holden and I wasn’t exactly sure if it was going to taste anything like cake.

I made Dave taste it first…he took a bite..made a face and said “Uh..Baby, this is really (expletive) good”.  I jumped for joy.  And it was really good actually!  The only problem..well…I didn’t have a lemon zester (which is apparently a fancy apparatus they make!) so I used a cheese grater..the cake doesn’t really taste lemony..but that’s okay.  It’s still yummy.

(I have to giggle because WordPress.com is telling me that in my sentence “I love making dinner…” that love making should look like this “love-making” using it as a verb..teehee..I’m five).


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