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2 Jul

I know I’ve mentioned this here before but I cloth diaper Holden.

Best. Decision. Eva.

I could go into a list of reasons why I do it that make me sound cool, awesome & like a modern-day yuppie..but I’ll tell you the truth.  I’m cheap.  If you know me or have read this blog for a while this is not a surprise.  It’s no secret that spending more than ten dollars on anything makes me a little queasy.  I usually DO spend more than ten dollars on stuff because honestly..when is the last time you saw a cute outfit for ten dollars?  Probably never.  I almost never buy anything full price and I even compare prices at the grocery store.  I am saying this like I am proud of it..I totally am not.  It’s a sickness I developed when I was very young after watching my father (and my grandfather) haggle, bargain shop & compare prices on everything.  But you know what?  My parents are both retired and have enough money to live a very comfortable life.  That part I like.

But I digress..I started to cloth diaper because I’m cheap.  In total I paid for about seven of his diapers.  The rest were gifts (I have great family & friends).  So basically Holden has been alive eight months and I’ve paid less than $120 dollars for his diapers.  I heart that.

The good news?  I got a job..woot woot!  The bad news?  My adorable husband is now a full-time grad student/stay at home dad.  I love that.  I love that he WANTS to stay at home with his son and take care of him.  I have loved this year home with Holden but I am ready to work.  (I am sure six months from now I will be screaming “why did I ever WANT to do this??”)   But back to my point..this is bad news because…my diaper stash has always been smaller than normal.  I have been home every day and I don’t mind washing diapers every other day.  Is Dave going to do this?  Nope.  Not that he’s incapable or lazy or anything…it just won’t occur to him until he’s at the bottom of the barrel.  Plus, he’ll be going to school as well as taking care of Holden so it’s not like he’ll have a ton of free time.

This..combined with some money that I’ve earned via PayPal (it’s like fake money almost!) I have been working on building my stash!  The happiest moment of this week?  The discovery of BumGenius 4.0

They have snaps!  And they fit to 35 pounds!  New colors (although..I’m a bit dissapointed..they aren’t very exciting)..but I did order the Sweet color.  BumGenius 3.0 is pretty much the only diaper in my stash (other than a SmartiPants..which I like because of the snaps and how easy they are to wash but Holden can’t wear them at night because they leak)

The bad news?  They don’t come out til mid-July so I have to wait a few weeks.  That’s a bummer.

I’ve heard good things about Rumparooz but I’m just not sure.  Does anyone out there have any good suggestions for cloth diapers?


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