Laguna Beach..again.

8 Jul

About six years ago I got sucked into a hot mess called Laguna Beach:  The Real Orange County.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it…or at least it’s counterpart The Hills.

If you haven’t please crawl out from under your rock now.  Thanks.

Since Netflix teamed up with Wii and I can instant watch pretty much everything I have lost my mind and be re-watching the first season.  I remember when I first saw this show I was twenty-two.  Even though the girls in the show were about five years younger than me I thought they all dressed so well and had the BEST accessories ever!

Apparently my 2004 definition of “dressing so well” meant jeans, a tank top and a pony tail on the top of my head.  Say what?  Lauren’s face was a hot mess (granted she was and is still a gorgeous girl) and it looks like Kristin never washes her hair and she spends most of her time in an unflattering black choker and a sweatshirt. And Morgan..and Christina..?  I forgot they were even on this show…that’s how exciting their storylines have been.

I should could stop watching the awfulness but I can’t.  It’s just like it was back in 2004.  I watched the first episode and thought why, oh why, did I just waste a half an hour of my life watching that stupid show?  Now, in 2010, I just keep thinking that I know what happens.  I know where these people end up.  I know they are rich & famous because I spent a majority of my twenties watching them..but maybe if I just keep watching Stephen will wise up and pick Lauren over Kristen.  Newsflash, he doesn’t.

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