Something bad happens…

26 Jul

When you take your laptop to your in-laws..and then your parents..and then home automatically sings out of wordpress…then it looses it’s mind and somehow forgets your stored wordpress settings..causing the laptop owner (me) forty-five minutes of “what’s my password..” ok..yeah that’s right..ok.”now what’s my username” anguish.


I came on here wanting to blog about the fact that I have been watching far too much of The Hills this summer..(I finished with Laguna Beach so OBVIOUSLY I had to start watching The Hills)..and instead I spent forty-five minutes in a state of mental anguish that literally made me want to slam my head down on my keyboard repeatidly..but then I remember it…so CRISIS OVERTED!

Anyway..since I did have a plan in mind but I’ve bored you with the mundane details of my life here is a list of my thoughts about The Hills..season one.

  • Heidi drove a Saturn..and not like an awesome Saturn.  I find this hilarious because I’m not even sure present day Heidi would set foot in a Saturn.
  • Heidi’s boyfriend’s roommate..and the fact that I can’t remember his name shows you how exciting his story lines are…is really unfortunate looking..yet he claims to be a “model”.
  • I thought Jason plus Lauren totally equaled love back in 2006.  Re-watching it makes me evaluated what I thought love was back in those days. (Note, I totally got married in 2006).
  • Jason & Lauren call each other “babe” so much it reminds me of Jan & Michael Scott from The Office…and that’s a comedy..poking fun at life.
  • Why did I not go to a college that had lounge chairs & laptops in the common area??
  • I’m pretty convinced this season was “real” least I hope so..because there are at least 40 scenes with Lauren wearing no make-up with her hair atop her head.
  • Oh..Heidi..that’s your real face!!  I had forgotten.

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