He came along and put me out of work..

3 Sep

I was fired recently..let go..put out of work..given a pink slip..kicked to the curb.  Whatever you want to call it.

I was fired by my husband.

About five weeks ago I went back to teaching.  This was always the plan.  I knew the time would come when eventually I would have to go back to work.  I was lucky.  I basically had a maternity leave that started five months before I had Holden and ended nine months after he was born.  Not to mention that I had been in Grad School full time for the two years before.  So the last time I got a real full blown paycheck that could buy more than a dinner at the Outback?  2007.


I went back to teaching and Dave became a full time Dad.  He put me out of business.  I barely do anything around the house anymore.  He even packs my lunch. All of the sudden he went from being a very involved Dad to Holden’s primary care giver.  Hello hard pill to swallow.  It’s the ultimate role reversal.  I spend all day with kids that aren’t mine and he’s home washing diapers & cleaning up the house.  They go out to lunch and to the library..and I go to meetings about incorporating technology into my classroom until 7:30 at night.   Super.  We are having a total Freaky Friday Moment and it won’t switch back anytime soon.  I can’t say I want it to though.  I love my job and my new school.  I just miss my son..all the time.

It makes me appreciate the small things.  Like this weekend.  Three days with nothing to do but take Holden to the Zoo to see the fish (he loves banging on the glass..I turned into that mom), taking naps with my boy and watching movies with my other boy.  (Last Song with Miley Cyrus..he should consider himself lucky!)


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