Today I learned..

18 Sep
  • that it’s okay to let your mom help you grade spelling assessments that you are behind on grading..(after all..your mom may be a retired literacy coach and know much more about elementary school assessments than you least that’s the case for me)…
  • that sometimes you can get dressed up and go see a play with your husband (just like the old days) and not talk about your baby the entire time..and not feel guilty about not thinking about him…and then mock the cast the entire way home (just like the old days).
  • planning a birthday party for a one year old makes you happy and sad all at the same time.  I can’t believe that in one month and nine days he will be a year old.
  • I can let someone else put Holden to sleep and we both will survive..and maybe sleep better because of it.
  • I can be a teacher, a wife & a mother…and sometimes..I can still be “just Christen”..and exactly what I needed tonight.
  • ending the night on a double chaise lounger on my parents screened in porch..cuddling with my husband and enjoying the night air that is just on the edge of becoming the perfect way to end a night.

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