Greener grass & why I am taking a blog break.

3 Oct

Let’s face it..going back to work has kicked my ass.

I am asleep by 9:30 awake by5:45 out of the house by 6:30 and on normal nights I’m not home until 4:30..however, two nights a week I’m not home until after 5:30.  Then I am trying to squeeze out a few hours of Holden time before we both collapse and the day starts all over again.

I love my job.  I like my new life but sometimes I am mourning for my old one.  I miss spending my mornings in pajamas playing with Holden.  I miss  that some days the most exciting part of my day is going to Target.  I miss planning & making dinner for my husband.  I miss having a CLEAN house & clean laundry..& clean diapers.  I miss spending all my time with Holden.  He (in a weird way) became my best friend and now that I am gone 10 hours a day I miss out on that.

There are plenty of things I don’t miss.  The stress of having a husband who was always stressed.  I don’t miss not having any adult interaction for days on end other than the checkout lady at Target or Bi-Lo.  I don’t miss feeling like I couldn’t spend any money because I wasn’t contributing.

The grass is always greener.  When I was at home I wished I was working..and now that I am working I have moments where I wish I was still at home.

While I adjust to being a mom who not only works but has a career that requires her constant attention ALL the time I am putting the blog on hiatus for a few weeks.  I will be back..that’s a promise.


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