Over going out to eaters Anonymous.

3 Nov

Do you have a bad habit?  Like one that you totally acknowledge but you just can’t seem to shake?

I am not talking about awesome bad habits like reading US Weekly (I am SO guilty) but like bad habits that are just no good for mankind.  Like smoking, or binge drinking?

Or going out to eat too much.

That is mine.

Dave & I are classic over out to eaters.

Too tired to cook?  Let’s go out.  Don’t feel like eating anything in our pantry full of food?  Let’s go out.

And my favorite…

Nothing in the pantry?  Let’s go out and spend $20 on one meal when we could go to the store and spend that same $20 on four meals.

Yeah, that’s totally me and I am totally guilty.  Now, for some going out once or twice a week is no big deal.  Especially beacuse it’s not like Dave, Holden & I are visiting classy establishments.  I mean we usually don’t even go anywhere where waitresses are involved most of the time (Read: Qdoba, Sonic, Chinese Takeout, Pizza…)  We just go out to eat ALL the time.  And since I started working again it’s gotten even worse.  Most nights I am home between 4-4:30.  And yes, I just did spend that last nine hours (you read that right..I get to work between 6:45-7:00 most days) teaching children.  Therefore, I am exhausted.

The flip side of this..this is something we simply cannot afford.  Like most young families we are on a budget.  A strict budget.  It has been nearly four years since we have been a two income family & that was something that was totally our choice.  One would think that if we elect to do stuff like go to grad school instead of work..we would live like we made that choice.  And in most facets of our life we have done pretty good.  (For example, I cannot tell you the last time I purchased shoes that we not on sale at Target and the majority of my clothes come from Old Navy or Gap..if it’s on major sale OR my mom feels sorry enough for me and buys it).  Dave has seriously cut back on his video game habit.  We canceled cable and live off of hulu.com & Netflix Instant.  Those adjustments, while they totally suck, have been pretty easy to adapt to.

But tell us to stop eating out?

Never heather.

However, it has come to a point where it is out of friggin’ control…and I am taking inspiration from another favorite blogger of my AlisonO.  She put her family on a no eating our regiment for the month of September.

After tallying up how much money we spent on food in the month of October I almost died.  On the floor..dead.


That’s not including groceries.  I could have bought 95 pairs of shoes with that mess.  It killed me to see that.  We try so hard, we budget so well and we fail (I fail) because we can’t stop.  It is stopping…as of November 1st we won’t be eating out until December 1st.  There are of course a few stipulations..

  • If Holden needs something..I won’t deprive my kid of a banana or something if we are out & stuck without food.
  • Each weekend we will be allowed one “snack” (Example, Starbucks for Dave..ice cream for me..ha)
  • If we have the opportunity to go out on a date night (which we rarely do) we can eat out then.

Hopefully, writing about it here will make me more accountable.  (This could blow up in my face as well..remember the 29 things & McFatty Monday..absolute zero follow through).


One Response to “Over going out to eaters Anonymous.”

  1. myfoodaddictionblog June 2, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    Hey! Do you still blog? would love to hear from you. Kind of looking out for like minded people to share with 🙂

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