Offically off my blog-atius..

7 Nov

It’s true.

A few months ago I abandoned my blog..and then about a month ago I came back to tell you why.

I wasn’t one of those lameos who decided I needed a break..and blogging was too much & too demanding & I needed to organize my life.  True story, I read used to read a blog and a girl said she was taking a blog break for those very reasons.  Um, not to throw a my life is harder than yours pitty party but this girl was a stay at home wife.  I have no issues with stay at home mom’s, I’ve done’s HARD.  Stay at home wife is a real head scratcher for me though.

But..I’m on a tangent.  I think I pretty much have things under control & I am back to blogging again..I mean let’s face it.  I was never exactly an every day blogger kind of girl.  I missed it though..I loved writing here and I really don’t care if 100 people read it..or 2.  For those of you who have stuck around thank you, thank you, thank you.  I promise not to leave you hanging again.


(And I celebrate my return with a little blog makeover..obv. I made the banner myself..and it’s a little blurry..but I have come to accept it..mostly because I just spent the better part of an hour on picnik trying to make it UN-blurry & I had no luck..)

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