Christen’s favorite things…

21 Nov

I am sure that this will replace the much beloved “Oprah’s Favorite Things Extravaganza” when her show goes off the air?  Don’t you?


Anyway, it’s that time of year..the leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler and I start revising my Christmas list from the “oh I don’t really need anything” mantra I was giving all my loved ones until about three weeks ago.  Do I need this stuff..of course not!  Do I want bet!

1. A Modern Bird Studio portrait of Holden.

I must admit..I have already ordered my very own Modern Bird portrait.  I used one of my favorite pictures of Dave & I right after we started dating.  I cannot friggin’ wait until I get my hands on it and can come here and tell you all about it.

2.  This Betsey Johnson Leopard Watch

What can I say..I am a sucker for anything leopard…and telling time.

3. I may or may not have ordered my Modern Bird Portrait to match this duvet set that I have yet to own.  Don’t judge.

4.  And how cute are these Tom’s Shoes?

Size 9 puh-lease.

5.  I also feel like I need this Dwell Studio rug for the living room I do not have.

6.  And last, (and ironically the cheapest thing on my list) I love this print from etsy..I think it would look great with my non-existent Duvet cover..don’t you??

One Response to “Christen’s favorite things…”

  1. Charm City Kim November 24, 2010 at 10:31 am #

    Shut the front door – we have that duvet cover!

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