22 Nov

You know those weekends that are just..amazing.

I just had one.

On Friday we tried a new restaurant in town and it was good (which is highly unusual) and then we came home and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (we have to start from number one you know) I may have fallen asleep during the first Quidditch match..but give me a break..I wake up at 5:45 every day.

Look how tiny they are!

The bad part of the weekend?  Holden woke up on Friday night with a 102 degree fever…he had his shots on Friday morning so I knew it was a reaction to the shots…the good wonderful part was that the only place he would sleep was laying on top of me.  My days of rocking him to sleep or holding him while he naps are long over & while I don’t miss those days at ALL..I do love when my little boy needs me & he makes it obvious that I am the only thing (other than infant motrin) in the entire world that can make him feel better.

Saturday we stayed around the house.  Holden’s fever was done but we wanted to take it easy just in case…and then that night Dave & I went to a party.

Yup, go re-read that one…we got dressed up.  I did my hair and put on my cutest sweater and we went to our friend’s birthday Oyster Roast.  We ate oysters (yuck) and a bloomin’ onion (yum) we talked about things OTHER than Holden, Dave did his first keg stand and we stayed out until TEN o’clock.  (I know..shutthefrontdoor!)

Totally not my picture..but it did look like this..


Today we just hung out at the house & ate yummy food.  We finished tonight with McFlurries from McDonalds..we totally wanted Sonic but their Ice Cream machine was done.


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