Things that he loves..

23 Nov

My kid?  Has turned into a little person.

I really don’t know what happened to that little screamy baby (so affectionately nicknamed Lord Screamington) who just sat there are ate, pooped, smiled, screamed & slept.

I miss him..sort of..but I FREAKING LOVE this kid that has taken over.

  • He sings and dances (his favorite songs..the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song & the Splash Mountain theme song)
  • He loves to open up all the cabinets in my mother-in-laws kitchen and take everything out
  • He walks everywhere…if he gets bored..he walks in a circle..if he falls down he gets back up…if he’s where he wants to be he leaves the room & walks back again..
  • He gives open mouth tongue kisses..while they are a little weird I love them to bits
  • He’s just as happy playing with an empty bottle as he is playing with his new fancy toys
  • He still hates hats but he has given in to letting me put the hood up on his hoodies..especially ones with bear ears.
  • He poses with pumpkins after I wake him up from a 15 minute nap and takes pictures like this..


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