Things I hate…

1 Dec

Here is a list of things I hate:

Nazi’s, snakes, any form of exercise, sweat and the fact that my stomach still hasn’t recovered from the great birth of 2009. Or you know in simple terms that area around my stomach that is still km,iiall flabby and gross after I had Holden.

Here is a list of things I love:

Opening a hardback book for the first time (fahh–reak!), cupcakes, french fries, skinny jeans and my new boots from Target.

Do you see my problem? My love of skinny jeans (or jeggings!) does not so much work with my love of cupcakes, french fries & my hatred of exerting physical energy. I am not even sure if there was a hot sale on Tory Burch shoe’s that I would break a sweat knocking down all the other heffers in my way.

So there lies my conundrum. After I started dating Dave I gave up on dieting in general. (This is also around the same time I stopped binge drinking so maybe this had something to do with the weight gain? Anyway..) I had a man who loved me and he did not give a crap what I looked like. And over the last seven years I have yo-yoed up & down 50 pounds. I’ve dieted and it’s worked..but then I stopped and it came back twice as fast. I gained almost 50 pounds when I was pregnant and I still have about ten pounds left over from that (that I have lost & regained twice now). So finally I decided I had to do something…and I turned to Dave.

Why? Because he’s so fit it kills me and the kid eats like a horse. The main difference between Dave & I is his weight bench in the basement and my inability to care about it. So today I hired my husband as my personal trainer and he kicked my tail.

I decided instead of doing some lame-sauce video (Camern Electra Striperrobics anyone..oh yeah..I did that) or exhausting my Wii Fit until I was bored of it I was going to actually do something physical. I started running.

Have I mentioned how much I hate running? I really do. Even in high school when I was a size 6 & did gymnastics & crew three times a week I still hated running. But I know how good it is for you..and I know how much runners just seem to love effin’ running so I gave it a shot. I’m no dummy though. I know just taking my overweight behind out to the street and running around wouldn’t do it. I needed a plan..and that plan became Couch to 5K. I wanted to start yesterday but it rained all afternoon, however, today was bright and shiny & calling my name. So we bundled up Holden and went for our first run. We walked (briskly) for 5 minutes then ran for 60 seconds followed by a 90 second brisk walk..rinse repeat, repeat, repeat. We were supposed to do it about 20 minutes but at about minute 14 we were passing by our house & I felt as though I may die so we stopped there.

Other than the time I was running down hill and Reilly (our dog) saw another dog in the yard at the bottom of the hill and tore off down the hill and I almost went tumbling to my death we had a fun time.

But crap I hate running.

This is not me obviously..


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