Have yourself a merry little new years..

31 Dec

I am not sure where December went.  Literally.

It seems like Thanksgiving was last week.  I clearly feel like I was helping my mom reheat cook the (already cooked Publix) turkey just a few days ago.  The three weeks of school between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break flew by like a blur and I seriously hope I taught my children SOMETHING.

Suddenly its New Years.  The Christmas tree has come down & I am mourning the lack of glitter and gold everywhere I turn.  Tomorrow is 2011.  And I certainly don’t see how it can be worse than 2010.

That sounds like 2010 was an awful year..but that’s not entirely true.  It was just a year of uncertainty.  I spent the first eight months of the year in sheer panic that I could not get a job and we would lose our home.  (Not that my family would ever actually allow this to happen to me). By the time I did get a job I spent the next four months panicking about going from a full-time stay at home mom to a working mom.  The transition broke my heart and fixed it all at the same time.  Weird right.  My head is a messed up place..you don’t want to go in there.

But as a whole..2010?  Pretty flippin’ amazing.  Last January Holden was little nugget who screamed, ate and slept all the time and now he is a real person. I shocks me sometimes that he is a real person..not a dog or a cat or something.  And each day that passes by I am reminded that he’s a kid, with needs (like eating all the time) and wants (like playing Mailman for hours on end).

My hopes for 2011 are the least selfish I think they’ve ever been.  ALL I want is for Dave’s business to blossom.  I heart seeing his face light up when he talks about it.  I also can’t wait to see what changes the next year will bring for Holden.  I never imagined how much he would change in one year..I can’t even begin to imagine how he’ll be a year from now..talking..and like making request..omg i’m not sure i’m ready for that.

(And just in case the New Years baby or Father Time..or whoever the patron saint of New Years Eve is..I would like my house to sell..thankyouverymuch)

I hope your New Years Eve is very merry & bright.  We’ll be spending it at my parents house..watching football & drinking champagne at midnight.  This is the point where I should insert something like..”this is so different from NYE 2007 when we partied all night”..but honestly we’ve always been sit at home and play board games kind of people.


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