Look how far we’ve come…

1 Jan

2010 started off in a dark place…which was basically me crying in the bathroom for twenty minutes and with each minute that went by I felt like more and more of a failure as a mother because oh my god my baby is crying and I can’t make him stop and oh my god why can’t he sleep, why cant I sleep and how can my husband sit and watch television while I have mini meltdown here in the bathroom.
End result? My husband kicked
my ass out of the house and told me not to come back for at least two hours.

Yeah. That totally happened. I was lucky enough to go get some retail therapy and pull myself out of my dark place. Even if I had puffy eyes for the next few months.
My life now is the total opposite of my life then. Holden sleeps on his own (but only in his stroller..but he sleeps for 12 hours..do you see why I can’t mess with this success?) and while I still feel inadequate as a mother most of the time hugs and kisses from a little nugget make me feel a lot better.
Hopefully 1-1-11 will start off my year much better than last year.


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