New Year..Same Christen

5 Jan

For the past..oh I don’t know..five New Years I have been pretty depressed about the outlook that was my life. At first I was drifting..I had no real goals or no money..or no job. Hence the no money. And last year I was just too sleep deprived to realize how blessed I was…anyway..this year, with the exception that my damn house won’t sell which is forcing us to live with my in-laws…life on my end is pretty effing good.

So my New Years goals this year are going to be a little less gloom and doom than they have been years previous…you’re welcome.

(and yes..I realize I am probably the nine hundredth blogger this week to talk about how I make goals not resolutions (even though they are the same things) so deal).

1. I’d really like to actually purchase some of those reusable bags and actually use them. I go to Target nine gabillion times per year and spend nine gabillion dollars I may as well do my part and spend the extra 99 cents and save a tree. Or whatever it is they make plastic out of.
2. Find out what they make plastic out of.
3. Blog more often. I don’t make any money from this. I don’t have giveaways..I don’t review things..I do this just for fun. Not that those things are bad..and if you would like me to sponsor a giveaway just let me know..haha!
4. Eat more salad & run more often…because it’s fun yo.
5. Wear more color. I am strictly a jeans, shirt and cardigan type of girl. My love to jazz it up with jewelry and crazy shoes but every once and awhile cant I leave the leopard shoes at home and wear a striped shirt? No I can’t because I don’t own one.
6. I’m actually pretty crafty. I know how to sew..which shocks people..I made all of the art work for Holden’s nursery and I have refurbished almost every peice of furniture in my house…but that was years ago. It makes me feel good inside when I make something. I got away from it with a baby and 19 second graders..but I want to be better at it.
7. Never buy cheap shampoo..again. I have been buying cheap shampoo lately and my hair is dull and lifeless…no bueno!

There is 2011 in a nutshell. A lot less self deprecating that the past few years.

I started this blog in 2008. That seems like so long ago..and some of you have been with me the entire time. I’ve never said it before..but thank you for reading..and I hope you all keep coming back to see my crazy rants.

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