A trip to the mall..

9 Jan

Yesterday was one of those Saturdays that is just so perfect. Nothing really happens..but it’s just wonderful. The stars align and what not.
We ate lunch at a restaurant we’d never been to before and it was so good. Then we drove around and looked at houses for about 3 hours. Not only was Holden a good sport about it but he napped as well. When we woke up we knew he was getting fiesty so we took him to the mall. Our mall has one of those soft play-places that are becoming popular. Dave and my parents had taken him there before but I never had. I was excited to see him play.
And play he did. When we first got there he was a little apprehensive and Dave and I stuck to him like white on rice. And pretty soon Dave & I were walled and he was running around happily stealing kids balloons and sticking his fingers in their mouths. Oh yeah..we have that kid. We sat on the bench for a good twenty minutes and watched him play. Alone..and I had to fight back the tears. My little infant is long gone and he has turned into a full fledged toddler. Where did he come from?
Granted he was by far the youngest kid on the playground and he didn’t feel comfortable getting too far way from us..

This turtle rocked his face off.

And about that stolen balloon. He was sitting playing happily when he saw two women holding the balloon..he went up to them and grabbed it and they gave it to him to play with it. Dave and I tried to give it back about 85 times but they wouldn’t take it back. It was a good thing too because Holden was NOT thrilled with the idea of giving it away. So my kid a balloon thief.

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