Baby number two….

10 Jan

If you know me in real life keep reading before you get too excited.

I have mixed feelings about having baby number two. It almost seems expected these days? More often than not people..even strangers..will fuss over Holden and tell me how sweet he is and then they’ll say ” so when are you going to have the next one?”

This always stops me dead in my tracks..because people..I haven’t even gotten over having THIS child come bounding out of my lady bits yet. I am just finally starting to get dressed five out of
the seven days of the week. And showering? Well that happens far less than I’d like to admit! Sleeping through the night is just starting to happen & I am still getting used to packing up my entire
house just to go to the grocery store. The thought..even the faintest whisper of THINKING about adding another child to this mix makes me weak in the knees and I want to pass out. Not yet..maybe
never..but defenatly not yet.

I’m also not totally convinced that one child is a bad thing. I was pretty much an only child. My brother and sister were seven and nine years older than me and lived with their it’s not like I was raised with another sibling..and I’m fine..kind of.

But then sometimes I look about Holden and I remember lonely summer vacations and family trips. I think of going over to my best friends house when I was a kid and how much I loved being there because she not only had a twin but three other brothers and sisters. I want him to have the sibling relationship that I never had. And then I think about Dave and how much I love him and our little family that we’ve created…and Holden is just so perfect how could I NOT want another little nugget?

Either way, I am so far away from baby fever that I might have baby hypothermia. Perhaps one day I’ll start thinking about having a baby and not feel like vomiting.


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