Now versus then..

1 Mar

Dave & I bought our house in 2007.  We basically spent one weekend and a day looking for a house in a new town.

Here was our criteria back then:

1. garden tub

2. front porch

3. pretty

You know who we were.  We were that couple that you mock on My First Place or House Hunters because they have no flipping idea what they were getting in to.  In three days we saw about thirty houses.  We were moving within 6 weeks and it was pretty much “buy today or rent an apartment..again”.  We saw a lot of awfulness. For example…a hot the garage..a man who refused to leave his house & told us we couldn’t go in the back room because he had something going on back there, and a house that we loved but was too expensive..I even tried to convince Dave that we would never need to turn the lights on because of the way it was positioned..therefore the electric bill would be lower so of COURSE we could afford it.  Yeah..I said that.

The last house on the last day was the house we lived in for the next three and a half years.  Perhaps there was a bit of desperation there..but I don’t think so.  I adored it the second I walked through the door.  We made an offer within the hour and by the time we ate dinner we were under contract.  Thirty days later we went to closing and they gave us a check.  And done.

Fast forward four years later…here is the criteria for our house now.

1.  It must have a garage..non-negotiable.

2. It must not be located anywhere near a sexual-predator of any kind.

3.  Low crime rate

4.  Good Schools

5.  Backyard for Reilly.

6.  Bedroom for Holden that is FAR away from the washer and dryer (seriously..dumbest thing I ever did was put the nursery right next to the laundry room).

7. Must have room for a basketball goal (yeah..this one is Dave’s)

8.  Over 1600 square feet because good lord we were busting at the seams with 1300.

9.  Lots of counter space.

10.  Lots of closets.

Forget the flipping garden tub…when do I have time to soak?  Further proof that having a kid changes everything.


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