What I love lately..

19 Mar

My life lately has been a mixture or kids, my kid, report cards, lesson plans, house buying, termites (oh yes) and faxing copies of every w2 I’ve ever had in my entire life.  While my life might be crazy lately there have been some things that I have just been LOVING lately.


A new house means new art work yes?  Even though the house hasn’t closed and we are still in a battle of “please GOD fix that or else I am going to have to go buy a new house” I am still all about decorating in my mind.  Which is why as soon as we submitted a contract I was on the interwebs ordering these prints from I Adore Decor on Etsy.


I also just ordered Holden these..his first pair of Tom’s Shoes.  It’s uber-trendy of me but let’s face it kids shoe’s are generally crap and Holden walks about 9000 more steps a day than the average person.  True story.  The. kid. never. sits. still.  They are supposed to get here Tuesday and I can’t wait to get those on his chunk little feet.


When I told my friend Shahrzad about buying a new house she showed me my now favorite new blog, Young House Love. Seriously, these people quit their JOBS and blog about their home renovations all day long.  How do I get that job?  So yes, with the new house in the works you can probably expect lots of crazy posts about Christen decorating and overdecorating her house.

My favorite show Greek ended a few weeks ago.  I have been re-watching the entire season on Netflix Instant.  I was really bummed to watch the last episode but it was actually was a really good last episode…which is a lot more than I can say for the last ABC show that I watched religiously that ended  (In case you couldn’t tell..that snarky comment is directed at you LOST)

Speaking of Netflix Instant I am pretty much obsessed with watching it in bed on my iPad.  It’s a bit of an obsession really.

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