….and hello..

4 Jun

I guess with a goodbye there is a hello..right?  So here she is..the new house.

I know what you’re probably thinking.  That house is not very cute.  I won’t lie..it’s not…especially not in this picture…which is from the MLS listing because I am entirely too lazy to go outside and take a new one.  Plus it’s dark.  Anyway, I kind of think this house is one of those houses that looks awesome at 2 a.m. after a lot of wine.  Compared to our old house it looses a lot of points in the pretty department.  However..it makes up for it inside.

Here are the stats:

We upgraded from about 1300 square feet to over 1600

We added a two car garage (holla!)  We did not have one in our old house and it was such a pain.

Our house before was considered a “patio” home.  Fyi, “patio” home is short for..normal sized house on a iddy bitty lot.  I could seriously reach out and touch my neighbors house from our side porch.  This house has a HUGE yard..the back yard is gigantic.

It was a foreclosure.  Luckily it was one of those foreclosures that didn’t look like a haunted house.  In one house we looked at the previous owners had taken everything from the light fixtures (even the ones outside!) to the knobs on the cabinets.  Um, those are kind of important.  Because it was a foreclosure we got it for about $45,000 less than it is worth!  That was awesome.  The plus is that it had new carpet and new paint.  The downside..we had to put on a new roof like THE DAY we moved in or else we couldn’t get homeowners insurance.  It was that sketchy.

The yard is sort of overgrown.  The house was empty for almost a year and the yard was neglected..that’s why the front yard sort of looks like an overgrown wonderland.  Luckily my Dad is pretty handy with a hedge trimmer and is going to fix that up for us.  Well, he said he’s going to help us.  Which means that he is going to tell me how to do it in “landscaper speak” which is going to confuse me and then he will get frustrated with me and just do it all himself.  We’ve been down this road before.  Especially when I need to get things fixed on my car.

Basically it needs a lot of love..but not so much love that we are completely overwhelmed by it.  We are starting slow working on one room at a time until we get them all done.  My list is about 3 pages long and I have about 600 things pinned on Pinterest..and Dave already hates me for it.

Have you joined Pinterst yet?  I’ll have to do an entire post on my new found obsession.


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