Holden & his music class

13 Jun

This afternoon Holden and I produced a twenty minute video tour of our new house..where you will see Holden throwing a tantrum, Reilly going out to pee (twice) and both of them barking at the neighbors.  Oh yes..both.  After I edit it down from twenty minutes of me laughing at myself and talking about “wall art” I’ll post it up..in the mean time.

Let’s talk about my kids social awkwardness.  Since day one Holden has been at home with either me, Dave or grandparents.  He’s never gone to day care.  Which until this morning I was secretly saying yeah us for not spending gobs of money..how lucky Holden is to spend his days with us.  Also, most of my friends either have a baby and live far away or live close and don’t have a baby.  Holden is also the only baby in our family..so..he’s pretty much just been a one kid show..and we’ve been happy with that.

Ahem, I take them all back because I have socially stifled my child.  Enter Kindermusik.  I’ve heard about it from other friends and decided that this summer this was something Holden & I were going to do together.  I knew he’d love it..the kid stomps and sings all the time.  Plus, he hearts the zoo.

Today was the first class and it involved two little girls (one about 3 the other about 17 months) and one boy (around 2).  Holden was not having it.   From the moment we walked in the door he was like glue.  I had to write out a check..nope..couldn’t do it because the child was using his apparently amazing finger strength to cling himself to my shirt.  I kind of expected this seeing as how he’s not really used to other kids..but good lord we were just standing in the waiting room he has seen people before.

This. went. on. the. entire. hour.  We sang songs and danced (and I felt like a complete moron) and Holden clung to me.  At one point I was holding him in my arms and apparently that wasn’t good enough because he used his amazing monkey like climbing skills and climbed almost atop my head.  His torso was literally on the top of my head.  I do not kid. This happened when a very social 17 month old tried to give him a stuffed monkey.

He did calm down for about five seconds when we were playing with music makers.  He really dug that..especially when he took his music making stick and whacked me in the face..you know on that bone right under the eyeball..yeah that hurt.  It was an accident and apparently by saying the word “ow” reminded him that he was not attached to me like glue..and that was the end of that.

Oh but wait..it gets better.  The teacher ended class by singing the goodbye song and THEN Holden decides it is time to play with the hula hoop that I had spent about 10 minutes trying to get him to play with.  We had to leave so when I took it from him…he cried.  Of course.

Dave gets to take him next week–not because I’m traumatized or anything I just have a class..but oh my goodness.  I need to get this kid out more.


One Response to “Holden & his music class”

  1. charmcitykim June 17, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    I feel sort of bad but I laughed out loud! Kids are so peculiar, aren’t they? I hope it gets better!

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